IDG Mayuri’s performance at Cary Diwali 2017, North Carolina, USA.


“There aren’t enough words to describe the sheer beauty and absolute authenticity of the performances at Cary Diwali 2017 held at the Koka Booth Amphitheatre and organized by HumSub. What an honor to photograph, share and celebrate the notable performances by both the local Indian community and the Indian Dance Group Mayuri from Russia, who honored this beautiful culture so well.” – Melissa So

Photo credits: Melissa So, John Tal, Prakhar Todaria, Wenjin Yu.


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Upcoming Mayuri’s 30th anniversary show

IDG Mayuri is turning 30! Dear friends, we are happy to invite you for the most remarkable event of this year – Mayuri’s 30th anniversary show, that will take place at the Musical Theatre of the Republic of Karelia (Petrozavodsk, Russia), November, 6!
For our international friends – you are welcome to ask any questions (visa to Russia, tickets, booking) in direct!

Дорогие друзья, в этом году ансамблю Маюри исполняется 30 лет!!!
Приглашаем вас отпраздновать с нами это знаменательное событие на праздничном концерте, который состоится 6 ноября 2017 в 19:00 в Музыкальном театре Республики Карелия (город Петрозаводск)! Спешите приобрести билеты! Справки по телефону 8-921-450-55-20.2017=

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A new extensive article about Mayuri in “Russia & India Report”

Today, Mayuri is Europe’s biggest non-profit institute of Indian culture.

Many of the group’s members have studied in India. Some members have learned dance forms at the Ganesa Natyalaya and Kathak Kendra institutes, Hindi at universities, and yoga and Ayurveda at Vedanta centres and yoga institutes in Kerala and Karnataka.


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