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  1. So beautiful and full of energy !! these dances have been performed much better than any Indian artists . Congratulations again ! Very well prepared and performed.

  2. I’m so impressed by everything, starting with the exquisitely, professionally executed dance moves, to the costumes and beauty and grace of the dancers. Wow. I am reeling from all of it, trying to process all the otherworldly, fantastic display of all shades of beauty.

  3. So nice… I love ur group…… Full of energy…….. Nice choreography….. Full of entertainment…… I love this group.. . I dont know dancing… But i see ur repeatedly…….

  4. The main/lead dancer in the song “Chammak Challo” has such a grace that I was completely awestruck. The coordination of hand movements, the grace with which fingers move was simply superb! Her dance reminds me of the past super star heroine Sridevi, though for the most part many of the group’s dances are much better than the originals. It shows the amount of dedication, passion and the hard-work that has gone into it. Few months ago I got stumbled upon your dance videos and got hooked to them completely, and until then I didn’t even know a dance group like this exists in Russia.

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