12 comments on “Soloists

  1. Beautiful! I really appreciate the creativity, precision, coordination, grace, expressions and commitment.

  2. There are iskcon temples in many places in Russia. They also regularly organize indian cultural events like Bharatnatyam , kathak, Spiritual classes etc in their cultural festivals.

    You should contact them for participating in various cultural events.
    But they r spiritual organization and will not allow mundane Bollywood filmy dances.
    I hope u would be aware about iskcon.
    As per Indian philosophy, Dance is form of devotion towards God.
    It is not for entertraining people.
    Where ever there is mood of entertainment, purity will be lost.
    I hope your group will gain more expertise with iskcon.

  3. All the soloists that I have seen were excellent, but my personal favorite is Ksenia Sigalova. She dances with such enthusiasm and is very expressive. I have seen her in Bollywood film song numbers as well as more classical styles and have enjoyed all the styles. My most favorite would be the skit danced to the film song “Kya Hua.” I also loved the one with two little children, a boy and girl, based on the song Khane to Khanke, an old Shammi Kapoor movie Vallah Kya Baat Hai. They were simply amazing! Best wishes to you all for continued success.

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