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In 1987, in a remote town of Petrozavodsk of the North-West of Russia MAYURI, an Indian Dance Group was born. They amazed the citizens of the Karelian capital with their exotic costumes, unusual music and impressive grace and has been winning their hearts ever since. Mayuri’s founder and permanent leader, Vera Evgrafova, had been in love with the Indian art and culture since her childhood, and it is her love that gave the start to MAYURI.

The repertoire of the ensemble consists of more than 200 dances, various in style, themes and musical arrangement. These are both mass items (with 10 and more performers) and items presented by a fewer performers. There are pop-shows here, where modern rhythms are combined with the intricacy of the East melodies, as well as bright folk dances with their playfulness and simplicity in every movement. The ancient cultural legacy of India is also represented in the programs of the dance group: the majestic Bharat-Natyam with its sculptural poses and incredibly difficult rhythmic combinations and the light and graceful Kathak seem to enchant the audience that is looking for the answer to the questions of philosophy in the art of dance. Legends and myths, which are the base of classical Indian dances, represent the worldview of ancient people and their search for the meaning of life, and the unusual manner of singing seems to stop the rapid march of time and induces contemplation and reconciliation.

The main activity of Mayuri Group has been promoting Indian culture in the cold region of Karelia through teaching and performing Indian Dance. Apart from this Mayuri activities include dance choreography, Hindi lessons, learning Indian music, playing musical instruments, sewing costumes for dance, giving lectures on Indian mythology and culture, translating best Indian movies as well as Indian TV serials. Besides these, Mayuri also organizes different types of demonstrations such as fashion shows, demonstrating different types of Indian costumes, slideshows, and shows for charitable institutions and special lectures for children.

You are welcome to follow our site to get the latest updates on the life of MAYURI and plunge into its amazing world. Follow us, and you will understand who we are and what we do!

14 comments on “Group

  1. Awesome performances!

    As an Indian I thank you for all those beautiful renderings of Bharatiya culture and celebration.

    Wish you all the best!

  2. What’s the name of the dancer who does the Mohiniattam performance CHOLKETU? She does it so well she looks completely Malayali.

  3. Hi, m Naresh from India, your videos make me happy, great fan of yours, would like to know the name of the lead dancer in the song Jumbalika jumbalika

  4. Absolutely fantastic, Amazing, You guys just wonderful to watch. Apsara Ayii was just breathtaking performed by a very beautiful girl. Fantastic…. All the best

  5. I am from India i am very much impressed by very very hard work to promote indian culture in Russia & say all over the world U really a very hardworking I pray to Lord shiva to give you the strength to carry forward the the motto u decided I wish all the best for future

  6. First time, I watched your Youtube video on Ghoomer song and flabbergasted to see such a talent in Russia. Your choreography is amazing and awesome. Hope Bollywood directors watch it and use your team and talent for new films.

  7. Hello, IDG Russia.
    I am from Ranchi, India. a big fan of yours.
    I love your Afgan Jalebi Video so much.
    Keep entertaining us.
    Thank you.
    Love from India.

  8. Excellent and talented group of dancers with very colourful costumes. I wish you all good luck and a happy New Year.

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