Mayuri – Ksenia Sigalova

8 comments on “Mayuri – Ksenia Sigalova

  1. Although I only watched her videos on you tube and never watched her live performance, I think she is one of the best dancers I have ever seen….

  2. Apsara Aali is THE BEST dance ever seen by me. Not every one can recognize it. I am a real big fan of her. Surprisingly the 2 next best dances are Lovely and Laila Mai Laila. Unfortunately Nimbooda slides down to 4th. For all the hard work they have put in learning Indian classical I have no words to express my gratitude being an Indian.

    Ksenia Sigalova – I am your biggest FAN. I watch Apsara Aali atleast once in a day. Still mesmerized how did u choreograph this dance speechless…..

    Laila – wow….

    Lovely – superb…..

    Nimbooda – You proved it

  3. The beauty lies in her hand movements and facial expressions with total involvement in the dance. Dance is divine and Ksenia is a physical embodiment of it. Yes Apsara Aali is mesmerizing. Wish her best!

  4. Ksenia Sigalova where do I start, there are in-numerous ( Oxford English Dictionary spelling is INNUMEROUS) occasions I have watched you perform with distinction and panache, all of them praiseworthy, in a nutshell say out loudly Bravo, Denny

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