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  1. hii,
    What a super dancing style u are doing … great work by all , I’m a big fan of ur’ll in
    Sri lanka . we are lack of Indian dancing academies in Sri lanka . we have the passion of learning but no good classes , are you’ll not coming to Sri lanka for any workshops.


  2. IIFA (India International Film Awards) are going to happen in Miami, Florida, USA in 2014. Contact them through their website so that people can watch you there.

  3. hi,
    need your number where i cn contact you or you may contact me soon as soon possible

    heena arora

  4. Hi,
    I am an ardent fan of your group. have you performed to this song? “Tu Cheez Badi Hai Mast Mast” from the Hindi Film “Mohra”? I would love to see your interpretation of this song. If you have already done it, please provide me the youtube link. I could not find it.

    thank you.

  5. I have watched almost all Videos of Mayuri….Every artists / dancers are exceptionally talented and watch worthy…Any one of your group can participate INDIAN bollywood dance completion on TV channels of Inida…

    One competetor from Azerbaijan has won the competition last year..Why not you?…
    My choice would be The Hindi singer and dancer Geeta (I forgot her Russian name)

  6. Great performance in Houston on May 30th 2015 for charity event . One of the best performance by non Indian Bollywood group .

  7. You girls are so good, I am quoting my own words from one of your youtube videos “You girls are so good, your efforts and sincerity is perfectly conveyed through your expressions. I love the fact that you all are so in sync I find it hard to even blink for a second. Thumbs up. I wish you all the best in your journey”. It’s 2am in Singapore and I happen to come across your video around 12 midnight, for the past 2 hours I have been mesmerized by your performance that I am watching, reading, admiring, commenting and in Awe with your beauty in dance. I am not a man of history but I am bold enough to say perfect is the word coined in human history to describe you all. All of you have a gentle soul and the grace of nature. 🙂

  8. I have 2 recommendations requests for this awesome group for this group to perform to, first is the song from an old 1989 film starring Rekha but still a great track which I think this group could do justice to:

    additionally there is the song: “Bada Dukh Dina -Oh Ramji” from the classic movie: Ram Lakhan! (Which can also be seen on Youtube) just a suggestion for you guys, but if you did do a performance to these songs, they would be brilliant!! = )

  9. Hi, I am a very big fan of your group. I am from India. I have subscribed it from you tube. Can I request a two three dance songs from ram Ratan Dhan payo Movie released last year. It has nice dance songs. I haven’t saw any of those dance videos in your channel yet. Or may be I have missed those.

    I really enjoyed all your dances. It’s very relaxing.

    Thank you.

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  11. Mayuri et aliae

    I also came across a number of the Mayuri Indian dance videos by accident on YouTube and was pleasantly surprised to see a Russian group dancing to Indian music with such grace and harmonious grace. I enjoyed watching these performances(& the dancers) that I researched further into the background history and I congratulate your leader and founder of the Mayuri group, Vera Evgrafova , for her dedication to the Indian Arts & Culture and her perseverance in promoting and placing Mayuri Dance Group on the map. I am of Asian origin living in the UK but our culture is a mixed fusion of Indian, Pakistani and Arab nations. Russia is known for its traditional culture and folklore dances but I did not expect some of it to be Indian and especially coming from so far north in the region of Karelia.

    Vera Evgrafova, who developed a love of Indian culture, and especially Indian dance from a very young age and later having the passion and vision to inspire others to the Indian arts and to blossom the Mayuri group, to becoming admired by so many across the globe.

    The Mayuri troupe of dancers have tremendous talent, dance styles, excellent beautiful performances and are themselves beautiful people. There are a number of favourites performances and also favourite soloists (Natalia Fridman, Elena Fiskovets, Ksenia Sigalova) but I must confess my favourite -Anastasiia Evgrafova, probably because my first seen video was ‘wanna be my chammak challo’!

    Young Mayuri – young beautiful people, versed, talented and proud to be members of the Mayuri group. They are also passionate, balanced performers and future of Mayuri, you should be proud and no doubt (Insha-Allah) they will make you proud too.
    Suggestions for the group:
    * Piya_Piya_O_Piya by Udit_Narayan
    * Kajra Mohbbat Wala – film Kismat

    Hope you get an opportunity to tour the UK.
    An advent fan wishing you all the best.

  12. You are brilliant. But please, please, don’t keep writing “gonna”. It is “going to”. Also you need to clean, revamp and organise your site. I am sure there are people in Petrozavodsk who can help you with it .Hope you don’t mind my saying this.

  13. Congratulations —–The Best I have seen

    Hi Mayuri,

    I am one of your unknown fans.

    I just couldn’t keep quite had to convey this to you.

    the three best dances that I have seen in my life in the order of complexity ,creativity and choreography are

    1st Rank: Apsara Aali
    2nd Rank: Lovely
    3rd Rank: Laila Mai Laila

    these 3 dances are probably THE BEST.

    Being an Indian and very keen observer of dance I can instantly recognize quality.

    Trust me from the dances that I have seen you put even Indian Classical Dancers and General Dancers under shame.

    Hats off to your love towards Indian dance and culture.

    First of all please accept my sincere and heartfelt congratulations for learning Indian Classical, that itself is the greatest achievement in your lives.

    Secondly performing and learning on your own is amazing, mind blowing.

    Thridly and most important of all how do you all come up with such creativity, amazing simply superb.

    I watch all the above 3 dances atleast once daily in youtube.

    I keep thinking every indian should watch your dances. Every Indian choreographer who assumes to be the best has sooooo much to learn from you.

    You have taken Indian Classical to all new level.

    Most important of all you you have made this Indian THINK!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Dear Group,
    Its amazing to see u guys performing bollywood music numbers.Some videos r even much better than the original one.i have seen the video of kajra re kajra for nearly 100 times.its amazing guys.I am so happy that u guys far far away from india have so much craziness for indian culture.hats up for u guys.Definitely it is great desire of myself to see u guys in petrozavask and that will my lifetime achivement.

  15. Good afternoon,
    Dear administration of Mayuri group,
    I would like kindly to ask you to share with me your contact number so I can call you back and discuss upcoming project proposal.
    My contact number is 00971 50 536 1215
    Many thanks in advance.

    Best regards

  16. Hello, I am a big fan of your Mayuri Group. I have viewed your many videos on You tube. Your dance artists costumes, back stage, choreography, excellent dance steps, expressions, all are very perfect. Not knowing Hindi Language of Bollywood songs your artists performance is excellent. Some of thew performance are better than original in the film.” Apsara Aali ” dance performance is excellent than the original dance.. My congratulations to you & all your Artist. Love From India.
    Manohar .

  17. Today I saw your Ghoomar Song Dance. Simply amazing. India is a Great Country preserving its culture for millions of years. Russia was also once upon a time following Sanaathana Dharma. In some dialects of Russian still you can see mix of Sanskrit. Welcome Cultural Ambassador of India in Russia

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