Mayuri kids

2 comments on “Mayuri kids

  1. A unique pose for a young Mayuri with a lovely smile and a bright future, what with all the excellent tutelage you receive from you teachers, who are well verse in matters of dance and other matters, bless you, Denny

  2. When I first made this comment I did not make inane remarks that is depicted below by some unknown person who has taken offence to my original comments, for what nefarious purpose I do not know?
    My email account and name were printed as requested. Also on completion I received the message ‘Approved’
    The unknown person who objected to my messages have altered the gist and the wording…. somehow wishing to convey that Denzil Fernando is simple and do not know what he is doing. This i the conclusion I infer from this episode. I would not make remarks like ‘He has a lot of fun to do’ What an inane expression?
    We will see what transpires with this entry! The time now is 1315hrs UK time

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